The proprietary Arestat™ technology platform is based on a number of fundamentally novel insights into interactions between formulation excipients and proteins, allowing control of protein behaviour under various stress conditions.

The application of the technology can deliver differentiation in the form of products with enhanced therapeutic kinetics, stable ready-to-administer products for IV delivery, concentrated liquid doses for self-administration, and desirable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

The various aspects of our Arestat™ technology platform are protected by over 50 granted patents, and 20 pending patent applications.


Clinical Development Programmes

  • AT247 – Ultra-Rapid Acting Insulin

    • Fastest acting meal-time insulin with potential to be the best in class for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
    • Designed to enable more effective disease management
      • Improved post prandial glucose (PPG) control
      • Greater control and flexibility around dosing
    • Potential to be life changing for diabetes by enabling a fully closed loop artificial pancreas
  • AT278 – Ultra-Concentrated Rapid Acting Insulin

    • Potential to be the first concentrated rapid acting prandial insulin for insulin resistant diabetic patients
    • Critical to enable next generation miniaturised insulin pump devices
    • Potential to enable more effective disease management in patients needing high daily doses of insulin