Market Need

There is a clear need within the pharmaceutical industry to deliver stable liquid biotherapeutics as opposed to lyophilised powders that require reconstituting at the point of use. This is driven by the need for end-user convenience, safety and compliance, particularly where the product is for self-administration, and a reduction in the cost of manufacturing. Despite significant progress over the last decade to design and select therapeutic proteins and peptides that are stable in liquid form, ensuring stability this still remains a significant challenge for many products currently under development as well as those commercialised products that would benefit substantially from a switch to a liquid formulation as part of a Life Cycle Management programme.

What Arecor can do

Our Arestat™ technology has been validated across a wide range of proteins and peptides to for its ability to deliver a step change in aqueous stability. Arecor has a proven track record of delivering stable aqueous formulations of its partners’ proprietary lyophilised products which cannot be otherwise be achieved using conventional formulation approaches. As a partner, Arecor can help overcome stability challenges and achieve a viable liquid formulation.