Market Need

By 2025 the global therapeutic peptide market is expected to reach sales of >$49 billion. As the market grows and the use of therapeutic peptides increases there remains significant challenges with peptide delivery such as:

  • Poor solubility
  • Gel formation
  • Formation of fibrils or particles
  • Hydrolytic cleavage
  • Formation of charge variants
  • The Arestat™ technology overcomes these challenges and enables superior format of therapeutic peptide products

What Arecor can do

Arecor has an excellent track record developing difficult-to-achieve product profiles. Our Arestat™ technology offers a series of formulation options that have been specifically designed to overcome challenges associated with delivering stable aqueous formulations of therapeutic peptides.

Arecor is leveraging its unique formulation platform to develop a portfolio of proprietary products enabling improved treatments for diabetes – see our products.