Arecor partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to deliver superior reformulations of their proprietary products, which would otherwise not be possible using conventional formulation science – see below for specific examples. The Arestat™ technology is based on a number of fundamentally novel insights into interactions between formulation excipients and proteins, allowing control of protein behaviour under various stress conditions, both in vitro and in vivo. Consequently, application of the technology to a protein or peptide of interest results in superior product stability in aqueous solutions, low viscosity and desirable PK/PD profiles. The technology is protected by a portfolio of >28 patent families. >26 granted patents as well as considerable know-how and trade secrets.

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  • Differentiated biosimilars with IP Protection

  • Intravenous to subcutaneous switch

  • Lyophilised powder to liquid switch

  • High concentration antibodies

  • Superior peptides

  • Thermostable therapeutics