There is a clear need within the pharmaceutical industry to deliver stable liquid biotherapeutics as opposed to lyophilised powders that require reconstituting at the point of use. This is driven by a mix of a need for convenience for the end user, safety and compliance, particularly where the product is for self-administration as well as from a cost of goods perspective. All of these aspects must be taken in to account when developing differentiated biotherapeutics in this competitive market. However, in spite of significant progress over the last decade to design and select therapeutic proteins and peptides that are stable in liquid form, this still remains a significant challenge for many products within development as well as many already commercialised products that would benefit from a lyophilised to liquid switch as a Life Cycle Management programme. The Arestat™ technology has been validated across a wide range of proteins and peptides to deliver a step change in aqueous stability compared with standard formulation approaches used in the industry. Arecor has a proven track record of delivering stable aqueous formulations of its partners’ proprietary lyophilised product, that had not been achieved utilising conventional formulation approaches. Therefore, the Arestat™ technology is the method of choice to overcome stability challenges in those cases where achieving a viable liquid product appears to be impossible using standard formulation methods.

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Arecor is able to deliver stable liquid compositions of proteins and peptides that have been developed as lyophilised powders requiring reconstitution due to previously insurmountable instability issues.